Baldy Snow day + participating in short research study

Trip Overview

This trip departs on 12-2-2018 and returns on 12-2-2018.

Participants will meet at Admissions.

    This trip is not substance free.

    POA will fund 2 car's for this trip

    Coordinator Info

    The coordinator is the person to contact with any questions about this trip

    Name: Arman Ahmed
    Phone: 909-971-7371

    Trip Capacity


    Number of Cars

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    Trip Info


    Wanna have a snowball fight? Go for a snowy hike? Help a couple of researchers by providing blood pressure and heart rate readings? COME ON THIS TRIP! We need to collect blood pressure and heart rate readings on campus and as soon as we get to the mountain in order to test effect of altitude on heart rate. After, that we can do anything. Trip is sub-free until readings have been taken.

    Gear List:

    Water, warm clothes (jacket, boots, cap, gloves), sled if you want.

    Participation Costs

    Expenditure Ammount
    None NA


    Name Driver Car Capacity
    Arman Ahmed Yes 9
    Carson Barry No N/A
    Olivia Landgraff No N/A
    Dicovskiy Dicovskiy No N/A
    Elena Olivieri No N/A